The MEDLAND2020 final international conference will take place in Marseille on the 18th September

Thursday, 18 September, 2014 to Friday, 19 September, 2014
Logo of the MEDLAND2020 project

The final conference of MEDLAND2020 project will be held in Marseille, on Thursday the 18th of September 2014, at the Villa Méditerranée.

In the auditorium, the participants will discover the process and the results of the project. Then, a round table grouping three specialists will propose a fresh perspective on the question of the future of natural Mediterranean areas facing the global change and the new needs of the society.

In the afternoon, we will inaugurate the “initiatives village” to the participants that will meet there the 13 actors of the project to take benefit of the knowledge and exchange on the topic of natural resources management in the Mediterranean area. Four “village square” will be settling in the Agora around the amphitheater of the Villa, corresponding to the four main topics of the project.
The day will end with the conclusions of the project and the presentation of the next program of the European Projects of cooperation.

The day after (Friday 19th September), a field trip will be organised in Roussillon (Vaucluse) for this site has been a pilote site of several projects capitalised in MEDLAND2020: governance in the private forests, gathering of private forest owners for to foster the environment and the landscape in the management plan of the forest, valuating the wood as biomass, and taking into account the environmental services produced by the forest in this hot spot of tourism.

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