The project has five specific objectives:

  • Create synergies among projects and partners and build up a “network of networks” in the Mediterranean context, with all its specificities, in order to reinforce the capacities of the strategic projects to disseminate and transfer their results and expertise;
  • Develop synergies between operational tools, models and good practices implemented by different projects on Mediterranean natural resources, in order to enlarge the transferring capacity of the outputs of the associated project;
  • Develop a lobby for the protection and valorisation of Mediterranean natural resources towards national, European and Pan-Mediterranean institutions, increasing the impact of territorial cooperation towards mainstream regional operational policies;
  • Identify challenges and gaps for a Common integrated land management scheme to protect natural resources in the Mediterranean basin, in the context of Europe 2020;
  • Contribute to the elaboration and the promotion of a shared vision by Mediterranean peoples about their woodlands and their rural territories.
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