Expected results

The expected results are:

  • A good communication on the project, mainly through the implementation of a presentation and capitalisation website (www.medland2020.eu) and the definition of a Dissemination plan;
  • The development of databases of transferable elements (tools, methods, best practices) and involved stakeholders in the management of Mediterranean natural resources and areas;
  • The creation of an electronic book (e-book) on best practices for integrated management of Mediterranean territories;
  • The publication of a policy brief setting out the broad policy guidelines for the management of protected areas, the management of natural hazards, the integrated land management and the intelligent management of natural resources;
  • The organisation of a conference in Brussels to the Mediterranean MEPs in October 2014, in order to relay the main conclusions and recommendations of the project and to present the policy brief;
  • The organisation of an international final conference in Marseille in September 2014, within the framework of the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF).
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