Dissemination plan

Why a Dissemination plan?

The Dissemination Plan is the document which defines a common communication strategy inside the partnership of the project. It is very important within a process of capitalisation. With 14 partners from different countries of the Mediterranean, it is fundamental to know at first what the partnership wants to communicate and why. In the same time, it is also important to decide how to communicate taking into account the different targets to involve.

The Dissemination Plan is therefore the tool to define why, when and how to do specific actions to enable a good communication and guaranty an high level of impact for the MEDLAND2020 project outputs and results.

The main objectives of MEDLAND2020 Communication strategy are:


  • To promote tools, best practices and knowledge produced in the 13 capitalised projects;
  • To enrich results obtained inside each of the 13 projects by a cross reading of products and outputs;
  • To propose new and interdisciplinary models about management of territory in the Mediterranean;
  • To raise awareness among public and private stakeholders about the challenges linked to human use and impact on natural resources around the Mediterranean;
  • To propose sustainable use and management of natural resources in the Mediterranean region.

To reach all these objectives, the Dissemination plan foresees the following actions to be done in 1 year:


  • 1 kick-off meeting,
  • 2 thematic workshops between partners,
  • 1 common mailing list,
  • 1 website to share information and knowledge,
  • 1 online database to organise tools, studies and best practices by keywords,
  • 1 e-book which underlines the best practices and how to use them for sustainable management of Mediterranean landscapes and natural resources,
  • 1 Policy brief with recommendations, based on strategic lines,
  • 1 final international conference in September 2014 in Marseille, managers oriented,
  • 1 Policy Brief conference in October 2014 in Brussels, policy-makers oriented,
  • 1 scientific publication in an international journal in September 2014 about the project.


Surely, you will hear about us!

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