E-book on best practices

Its aim is to transfer MED projects outputs to users.


The CCI of Drome is responsible of this action, with the support of the CCI of Primorska, CRPF-PACA, the Province of Turin and the Region of Istria.


The idea beyond this action is the creation of an e-Book of best practices for an integrated land management scheme in the Mediterranean basin.


It will allow the partnership to add their different best practices and facilitate the transfer of documents to the eBook in order to encourage stakeholders to develop effectively this tool.


It will be strongly linked to the online database, which will be more complete. In the e-book you will find the best practices in the fields of:

  1. Integrated management of natural protected areas
  2. Natural risks management, especially wildfires
  3. Social and economic valorisation of the territory as rural development, sustainable tourism or marketing
  4. Smart natural resources management, from emerging uses as biomass to new challenges as payment for environmental services.

You will also find:

  • A detailed presentation of the 13 MED selected projects
  • Recommendations for a Common integrated land management scheme to protect natural resources in synergy with social and economic valorisation oriented to operational end-users.
  • Conclusions

The different versions of the eBook are available in the toolbox in the right column.

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