Policy brief

The Policy brief of the MEDLAND2020 project gathers political recommendations drawn from 13 EU MED projects capitalised.

This Policy brief is entirely in line with the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests (SFMF). Indeed, for Mediterranean forests and woodlands, an open and transparent two-year long working process has given birth to a strategic framework. On March 21st 2013, the Ministers of Mediterranean countries met during the 3rd Mediterranean Forest Week (Tlemcen, Algeria, 2013) and pledged to continue to implement actions and measures in order to achieve the objectives of the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests while taking into consideration the specific needs of each country. An assessment is currently underway and will be presented during the 4th Mediterranean Forest Week (Barcelona, Spain, 2015). 


The Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests is and remains the reference document for the management of Mediterranean forests and woodlands. 


This Policy brief, drafted by partners of the MEDLAND2020 project and coordinated by AIFM, has been prepared as an extension of the SFMF to other natural areas of the Mediterranean, including agricultural and suburban territories.


The Policy brief of the MEDLAND2020 project waq presented officially during a Conference in Brussels (Belgium) on October 6th, 2015 at the EU Forestry House.



The different versions of the Policy brief are available in the toolbox in the right column.

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